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The project is located right at Hoc Mon Big Bridge

Located adjacent to Japan’s leading large corporation

AEON MALL Hoc Mon Supermarket

Great deal: Discount up to 350 million VND for quick payment

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Perspective of the welcome gate of Phuc An City urban area

Perspective of a townhouse with river view in Phuc An City urban area

Phuc An City high-end urban area is assessed by experts to become the real estate with the most green areas and the most superlative in the suburban area of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Currently, Phuc An City villas are being sought after and bought a lot by investors.

Trade name:Phuc An City
Project Scale:102 ha
Investor:Tran Anh Group
Exclusive distributor:Tran Anh Homes
Price:1,9 – 2,5 BILLION VND
Project Legal:Separate pink book for each unit
Product lines:Townhouse, Villa, Shophouse
Bank:MB Bank supports loans up to 60%
Project location:My Hanh Nam Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An
Construction density:48%

Shophouse façade in Phuc An City

In addition, right inside the Phuc An city project, the investor has set aside a huge land fund to build public works to serve the best utilities for residents here such as commercial centers, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, ecological lakes, lakeside ecological parks.


Practically a utility corner in Phuc An City

Experience Golf at Phuc An City luxury KDC

With 2 conditions: natural terrain & smooth infrastructure, min has proved to be the most ideal place to become a model smart industrial urban area in the Northwest of Saigon for young residents of the 8x and 9x generation, with completion time in just a few years!

Developed by Tran Anh Group with more than 15 years of experience, developing more than 20 projects, there have been more than 8-10 luxury townhouse and villa projects such as Phuc An City Urban Area formed and put into bustling operation.

Tran Anh Group does not stop at the role of investment and project development, gradually becoming a strong and sustainable multipurpose company. With enthusiasm and striving to rise, Tran Anh Group will bring customers and investors practical values from real estate project products.

Phuc An City Duc Hoa is the enthusiasm of the investor with the desire to bring customers an elegant modern life with rich facilities.

Owning a “diamond” location at the northwest gateway of Ho Chi Minh City.

Phuc An City urban area is located right in front of Nguyen Van Bua extension – Provincial Highway 9 3km from Junction 1 Giong. This place is the main gateway of the Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City connecting districts such as Tan Binh district, Go Vap district, Binh Chanh district, District 12 … with the southwestern provinces, convenient for trading and trade activities, but also an indispensable investment address with many attractive potentials.

+ Hướng Nam: Giáp khu dân cư hiện hữu và đất nông nghiệp
+ Hướng Đông: Giáp Kênh Sáng, khu dân cư hiện hữu và đất nông nghiệp
+ Hướng Tây: Giáp đường Kênh Tây ( Lộ giới 45m)

Vị trí từ Phúc An City chỉ cách Chợ Bến Thành – Quận 1 khoảng 28km

Hotline: 0902993899

Tiềm năng tăng giá khi AEON MALL HÓC MÔN được triển khai kéo theo bất động sản khu vực lân cận cũng được tăng theo. Với ưu thế về vị trí, Phúc An City chỉ cách Hóc Môn chỉ 20 phút di chuyển.

aeon mall hóc môn

AEON MALL HOC MON on construction at Hoc Mon intersection

Modern facilities system at Phuc An City KDC

Perspective of some utilities in Phuc An City Duc Hoa

Phuc An City Villa is a complex urban area, bringing to the community of residents an upper-class life with a full system of utilities including: Operator, international sanatorium, sports complex, conference center, commercial center – Minimart convenience store, Yoga – nursing ground, green park, national standard education system, international polyclinic, overflow pool, children’s play area …

Fu'an City Park

Mini Golf Course is located in the heart of Phuc An City project

In addition to the perfect internal utility system, worthy of the upper class, the resident community also enjoys a full range of external utility services such as:

Education system: Nhi Xuan Primary School, Nhi Xuan Kindergarten, Hoc Mon Township Secondary School, Ly Chinh Thang Secondary School, Pham Van Sang High School…

Health system: Trans-Asia Hospital, Hoc Mon General Hospital, Human Life Hospital, Hoc Mon Preventive Medicine Center …

  • Nhi Xuan Football Field, Hoc Mon Sports Center
  • Ho Chi Minh City Agricultural Extension Center HCM
  • Big Bridge Bus Station
  • Junction Giong Historic District
  • Hoc Mon District People’s Committee

Hoc Mon Trading Center, Hoc Mon Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market, Xuan Thoi Thuong Market, Xuan Thoi Son Market …

Financial – Banking Street such as: Agribank – Hoc Mon, Sacombank – Hoc Mon, Techcombank – Hoc Mon…

In particular, existing around Phuc An Duc Hoa Long An is a system of industrial parks such as: Trans-Asia industrial park; Royal Industrial Park, Nhi Xuan Industrial Park … attracting a large number of domestic and foreign engineers and experts to work, study and live here.

Premises in Phuc An City Urban Area

Mặt bằng phân khu đang được mở bán tại Phúc An City

Tổng thể với quy mô 100 ha với mật độ xây dựng 40%, 60% còn lại là công trình công cộng. KDC Phúc An City được chia thành 05 phân khu: Hỏa An, Mộc An, Kim An, Thủy An, Thổ An.

Quy mô dự án Phúc An City

Overall perspective of Phuc An City

Some strengths that Phuc An City residential area attracts customers

Private wall structure, permanent ownership for Vietnamese nationals and 50 years for foreign visitors

Handing over the house in Q4/2019, issued in 6-12 months will be specifically notified by the Board of Directors

Rough exterior finish in

National Electricity System

Water source provided by Duc Hoa water plant

Central sewage system

Perspective of townhouse – villa Phuc An City in the period of opening for sale

The whole Phuc An City urban area is a modern industrial urban area, fully utilized, absolute security, with cameras and 24/24 security posts

Hotline: 0902993899

Latest actual images of Phuc An City

Phuc An City Golf Course
Phuc An City Pool
Phuc An City Pool
Phúc An City công viên

Price and payment methods Phuc An City


Price from 590 million GET HOUSING or RENT to exploit cash flow immediately, the remaining amount is paid 24 months without interest


Area: 6m × 16m, 8mx18m …


6m×15m, 8m×15m, 8m×20m, 10m×20m…


Area: 5m×15m, 5m×17m, 5m×20m…

European neoclassical modern construction: 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 tile roof, 3BR, 4WC, 1PK, 1KITCHEN

Model of Phuc An City house

Design: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, front and back terrace, skylight, front yard backyard (Create convection for cool house).

There is a spacious yard suitable for growing ornamental plants and clean vegetables

Phuc An City Legal – There is a pink book of each unit, notarized to the name of the same day

Phuc An City is legal and transparent with full documents, the pink book of each unit can be notarized to the name on the same day, the construction decision of 1/500 has been approved, Phuc An City project is an ideal residential investment place that many customers and investors are interested in. Thanks to the high profitability and safety, it promotes the demand for brothel investment of Vietnamese people to increase because it both meets the ability to settle down and can exploit the rental business with great profit potential.

Payment Methods updated 08/2023:

Payment method for Tran Anh Group project


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